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About Geoff Giovan

Every since the fall of 1984 when Geoff first walked on fire, he has been convinced it is one of the most powerful and memorable experiences anyone could have. He had the honor of having Anthony Robbins lead his first Firewalk Experience. Geoff was on staff at more than 30 of Tony Robbins seminars and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Professional. After working closely with Tony for over 12 years, and attending many other firewalk seminars including Stuart Wilde‘s Warrior’s Wisdom Training and Michael Sky’s Dancing With The Fire seminar, Geoff started leading his own Firewalks in the summer of 1991.

He pulled the best from all his Firewalk experiences, Holistic Health/Personal Growth training, Metaphysical/Spiritual study and Neuro-Linguistic/Neuro-Associative Conditioning education and created a seminar called The Fire Energy Experience. 16 years later and over 500 plus graduates, the Fire Energy Experience is a unique Firewalk seminar that has had a dramatic effect on all that have attended.

He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, (including the morning show "Breakfast Time" on the FX Cable Channel and "Gabrielle Show" on the Fox Network and has graduates in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York City, North & South Carolina, Virgin Islands and Australia.

Geoff has trained personally with Virginia Satir ("People Making"-Science and Behavior Books, Inc.), Anthony Robbins ("Awaken the Giant Within"-Simon & Schuster), Joseph Heller ("Body Wise"-Jeremy Tarcher, Inc.), Shakti Gawain ("Creative Visualization"-New World Library), Stuart Wilde ("The Quickening"-White Dove Int'l, Inc.). He has had additional training with a variety of Macrobiotic Counselor/Teachers, Bill Spear, Bill Tara ("Macrobiotics and Human Behavior") and Lino Stanchich ("Power Eating Program, You Are How you Eat"-Healthy Products, Inc.).

  • 1st walked on fire '84, walked 100’s of times, leading FW’s since '91-500+ Grads.
  • Graduates in 6 states-Caribbean & Australia. Numerous TV/Radio coverage.
  • Certified Nero-Linguistic Professional from Robbins Research Int, Inc.

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