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Fire Energy Experience Flame Walking
Flame walking*

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Pre-registration is required to attend this event

This Fire Energy Experience is much more than a seminar that teaches you firewalking. It's an incredible opportunity to challenge and change limiting beliefs and fears and to create some very powerful and resourceful emotional states within yourself, so that you can consistently access these kind of states when you need them. Then at the end of the firewalking event you will have a chance to participate in an ancient ritual and experience what it's like to use what you have learned in a very dramatic way instead of just intellectualizing it.

You will experience what it feels like to get yourself to take action inspite of your fears, to be so totally focused, centered and strong that you are unstopable. This firewalking seminar is designed to do much more than prepare you to walk on hot coals, it's more a preparation for all the potiential or symbolic fires that you will walk through out your life. It simply becomes a metaphor for what you thought you couldn't do. Whether you participate in the actual firewalk or not, you can only imagine how useful an experience like this could be for you. Join Geoff Giovan in this unforgettable evening.

To Register for this firewalking event go to our secure firewalking form or our printable registration form.

* The Flamewalk is optional and is offered to any of the participants after the hot coals walk.

DISCLAIMER: Firewalking is potentially very dangerous. Any information given within these pages is solely for informational purposes. Under no circumstances are you being encouraged to try this activity without the supervision of a trained professional. Should you do so, you are accepting full responsibility for your consequences and actions.

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